Diagnosis & Treatment

Four doctors integrating 110 years of chiropractic science to confer on proper diagnosis and treatment.

Expert Consultation

Gain a clear understanding of what is causing your condition(s) and what options are best suited to address it.

Exercise & Rehabilitation

We provide a wide range of services to augment, rehabilitate and cure your physical ailment(s) or limitation(s).

Nutrition & Counsel

You are what you eat. We outline a nutritional path designated to optimize your treatment & resulting lifestyle.

About Us

The presence of pain in the body indicates dysfunction. Unfortunately, many people mask their pain with the chronic use of prescription or OTC medication. This misuse of medication and or injections often leads to a steady decline, possibly resulting in a permanent disability, or worse, the need for surgery.

We pride ourselves in being the “Vital Link” to your recovery.  We identify the true origin of your symptoms with a thorough examination and diagnostics. At either of our state-of-the art facilities your doctor will formulate a plan targeting your particular condition, combining the most effective therapy modalities with nutritional supplementation to promote a true recovery as well as prevent relapse.

Our mantra is simple:

“Our hands on…your pain gone.”

Why Customers Choose Us

Combined 110+ years of excellence in chiropractic care

Each of our esteemed doctors spent years honing their skills in chiropractic science and mastering its principles. Additionally, they each take personal interest in alternative forms of care ranging from nutrition, physical therapy, orthopedics & kinesiology. For this reason we have a wide range of equipment and processes to provide unmatched variety in alternative options. Rest assured you will be prescribed the very best treatment.

Natural, Drugless & Nonsurgical

We take a holistic approach to optimize your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Our options result in drastically reducing negative side affects when compared to surgery and/or prescription drugs.

State-of-the-art & Multidisciplinary Facilities

We continue to research, study and update our facility to pair leading techniques with cutting edge technology. You have access to the very best alternative care options available within the breadth of chiropractic science.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Often, a large portion of the care is paid by your insurance carrier. Our doctors participate with a majority of providers such as Blue Shield, Medicare, Aetna, Geisinger, Cigna, United Health Care, and many more. The claims are processed for you. Payment plans are available for those with high deductibles as well as those with little or no insurance coverage.

What To Expect

A thorough history and private consultation will be performed by your doctor of choice. Each area of complaint is noted and an examination follows. It includes a chiropractic analysis, orthopedic and neurological testing (x-rays if deemed necessary). This information will allow the doctors to discern what combination of therapies is best suited. A plan of care will then be detailed in your report including the doctor’s diagnosis and estimated time to achieve your individual goals. The frequency of treatment is decreased as improvement occurs. Initial visits normally last 60-90 minutes and subsequent visit times vary depending upon the complexity of your condition.